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    Was SEK 279.00 From SEK 237.15
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    Was SEK 240.00 From SEK 192.00
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    Jim Beam

    White 1l

    Was SEK 205.00 SEK 164.00
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    Justerini & Brooks

    Rare Scotch Whisky 1l

    Was SEK 269.00 SEK 215.20
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There is nothing better than buying a bottle of whiskey on your trip to enjoy with your family and friends after a long period of travel. You will find a wide variety of bottle of whiskey in the Göteborg Landvetter duty free store. Take advantage of the tax free prices that the stores offer so you can buy a quality gift.

Enjoy a good glass of one of the American whiskey brands we offer such as Jim Beam or Jack Daniel´s, brands of whiskey with a great tradition of exquisite taste for you to enjoy after a meal with your friends, savor this high quality product and buy the best bottles of liquor at Göteborg Landvetter.

We suggest that you choose from the wide selection of Scottish whiskey, and thanks to its wide variety, is sure to offer a flavor and taste you enjoy. Find premium drinks with reducted prices in our duty free stores.

Buy your tax free bottle of whiskey on the Göteborg Landvetter Dufry website and collect your order in the Göteborg Landvetter duty free store the day you travel thanks to our Pick and Collect service, prepared for you to enjoy an unparalleled flavor.